Posted on: January 15, 2008 6:26 pm
Edited on: January 18, 2008 10:47 pm


I know a lot of Stewart fans ( not me I'm a Gordon fan )  are hoping he turns things around from last year ( although it wasn't to bad ) and not only gets Toyota it's first cup win but actually brings home the Championship for them..
I don't see this happening for the following reason. Tony may bring a lot of tools to the table but Patience sure isn't one of them and this will come back to bite him.. Tony faces a season with a new and developing team which like any developmental program will have it's struggles which isn't something he's comfortable with but beyond that he'll now have to deal with the new addition of Kyle Busch who temperamentally is much like Tony himself which is a bomb just waiting to go off and then there's Denny who showed signs last year that he doesn't feel like he has to bow down to Tony anymore as he displayed. if this program doesn't get off to a good start out of the gate or should Kyle and Denny be more successful early than Tony I think you can expect a major explostion over at JGR about a third of the way through the season.. personally I think this will be entertaining and good for the sport..
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